No more herding cats

Marketing and sales resources that work together. On purpose.


Retirement Marketing and Sales (RMS) is a unique resource for investment and retirement plan professionals. We can help you grow. Now.

Why Us?

When you work with RMS, you get immediate alignment between marketing resources and sales resources with zero internal competition – no turf wars – and a commitment to excellence in supporting your goals. Period.

We know how hard it is to find creative professionals who understand investments, financial planning and qualified retirement plans.

We also know how difficult it is to source, schedule and coordinate freelancers and other firms who don’t know each other, often have competing priorities, and a limited capacity or willingness to collaborate.


No More Herding cats

RMS delivers partner-level consulting with coordinated sales and marketing resources – as you need them.

Call us or drop us a note to learn more. We just might be a great fit for your organization.

Retirement Marketing & Sales

Industry leaders in strategic consulting and services to investment and retirement plan professionals.